A year of music by women

I'm delighted to be a member of Cardamom Quartet especially right now as we embark on a very exciting long-term project. Check out our official announcement below!


In 2017, why is it that women composers are still underrepresented by every major classical music ensemble around the world? Cardamom Quartet does not think the answer to this question is because there is a lack of brilliant, moving repertoire written by women. The norm of concert programs dominated by white male composers persists, and we want to challenge our ourselves, our audiences, and our music community to imagine alternative realities.

Cardamom Quartet has committed to programming a year of music exclusively by women and female-identified composers, and in particular women of color. This will be a time of learning, conversations, and celebrations, and it is our hope that our work will contribute in part to a shift in the canon as well as an amplification of underrepresented voices.

Our concert season will kick off on Friday, June 16th with an afternoon performance at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University and an evening performance at the Taylor House in Jamaica Plain.