I believe in pushing the boundaries of cello playing. My goals as a teacher are to expose my students to a wide variety of genres and to cultivate musicianship through the study of practical music theory, improvisation, and composition. Lessons involve active inquiry into the relationships between the body, mind, and ear so as to foster the connection between each student and her or his cello, thereby building an understanding of both technique and musical expression. I tailor my work with each individual student to his or her specific desires, needs, and abilities. Every student receives a core technical foundation, whether they are learning the Suzuki method, traditional classical, or fiddle tunes.

I have taught at numerous music camps and programs, including Point Counterpoint, Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras, Maine Fiddle Camp, Berkshire Summer Strings, Alasdair Fraser's Sierra Fiddle Camp, Brian Wicklund’s FiddlePal Camp, Pinewoods Dance Camp, Sunshine Camp (Australia), and Southern Hemisphere International School of Scottish Fiddle (New Zealand). At these camps, I coach chamber music or teach American fiddle tunes to group cello classes, including accompaniment techniques, harmonization skills, and theory. I also coach small ensembles of many genres, helping groups navigate and learn the skills needed to arrange and rehearse a set of tunes, a song, or a piece of music from the classical repertoire.